Teflon Tape Self Adhesive PTFE Coated Glass Fabric Fiber Sheet

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Brand Deer Hunter
Serial Number DH-PTFE
Country of Origin China
Certificate SGS/RoHS
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Teflon Tape One-sided Self -adhesive PTFE Coated Glass Fabric Sheet


Teflon Tape Self Adhesive PTFE Coated Glass Fabric Sheet

High temperature pressure sensitive Teflon tape produced from PTFE impregnated glass fabric that is coated with a kind of heat resistance silicone adhesive. The PTFE provides a smooth anti-stick surface while the glass fabric provides strength and dimensional stability. This Teflon high temperature tape has excellent electrical, mechanical and chemical properties. The Teflon tape is primarily used as insulation in a variety of electrical equipment and heat sealing bars, chute liners, gaskets, bearing surfaces, tabletop covers, guide rails, and roll covers and offers low friction surface and abrasion resistance.

Teflon Tape

Product Descriptions

Structure Teflon PTFE Nonstick Coating + E Glass Fiber+ Silicone Adhesive + Yellow Release Liner
Backing Material PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric
Adhesive type Super Stick Silicone
Fabric thickness  0.08mm, 0.11mm, 0.13mm, 0.15mm, 0.18mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm
Width 1M, 1.2M or customized
Package Rolls or Sheets
Finishing Teflon PTFE Nonstick Coating
Feature Non Stick/Easily Cleaned/Heat Resistance
Function Non-Stick Cooking Surface
Maximum temperature 260°C
Applications Abrasive/Aerospace/Conveyor belts/Food processing/Packaging/Solar photovoltaic
Estimated delivery time 3 to 5 working days


Technical Data Sheet

Model No.  Standard Color Fabric thickness Total thickness Fabric weight Total weight Adhesion Strength (to  Steel(N/4cm) Docking Test  High Temperature Peel Test
(mm) (mm)±0.02 (g/m²) (g/m²) GB-T2794 (times) (260℃,half hour)
DF008 Brown 0.08 0.14 ≥150 ≥205 ≥15 ≥3 No peeling for half an hour at 260℃
DF013 0.13 0.18 ≥240 ≥300
DF015 0.15 0.2 ≥300 ≥355
DF018 0.18 0.24 ≥350 ≥405
DF025 0.25 0.28 ≥470 ≥530
DF035 0.35 0.4 ≥620 ≥680


PTFE Coated Glass Fabric Tape

Product Features

* Non-sticky PTFE materials prevent the build-up of molten film and plastic on its surface.

* The temperature resistant PTFE coating allows high and low operating temperatures.

* A yellow corrugated release liner is used on our PTFE tapes providing fast and easy removal.

* Manufactured in varying thicknesses to cover a wide range of applications and our Teflon coated glass fabric tapes are of the highest quality available in today's market.

Self Adhesive PTFE Coated Glass Fabric Tool Release Sheet


PTFE coated glass cloth tape, also known as Teflon tape, is a high performance material that offers excellent release characteristics whilst being able to cope with extreme temperatures. PTFE coated glass fabric tapes are manufactured with a high temperature resistant surface and a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive.
Teflon tapes are often used as a release tape for the protection of sealing jaws and heat-sealing wires on equipment such as bag and L-sealing machines. Heat resistant tapes can also be found in vacuum and blister packing operations too.

Additional Information

* Available in widths from 10mm up to 1000mm wide and are slit from stock

* Rolls lengths of 30m meters as standard

* Short lead times 1 – 2 working days on all slit rolls

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