Silicone Vacuum Bag

Silicone Vacuum Bag For EVA Glass Laminating Oven


Silicone Vacuum Bag is a long life and reusable product. It is made up superior silicone rubber sheet used for laminating glass, so it is also called glass silicone vacuum bag or reusable silicone vacuum bag. It is highly essential in glass lamination. It is very important for pump the air between the EVA film and glass with vacuum machine. Make sure NO AIR in bag. It could be prevented gum spilled on the machine. High-quality silicone vacuum bags can effectively reduce substandard product waste.

Each bag is a combination of assembled parts with glue-bonding.

-Upper Silicone Sheet

-Down Silicone Sheet

-Edge Gear (silicone sealing strips)

-Silicone Tubes

-Silicone Nozzles

PS: Before quoting, please let us know the size of your working area you are really requiring.

Standard dimensions 
Width X Length:                 As requested
Material thickness:              3mm/2mm

Silicone Vacuum Bag For EVA Glass Laminating Oven


Silicone Vacuum Bag For Glass Laminating Machine

It is a blanket. It is a bag. It is a silicone vacuum bag for laminating glass.

Each set of vacuum silicone bag consists of one top and one bottom silicone sheets. The top and bottom silicone membrane sheet edges are sophisticatedly embedded to each other, to make sealed room for vacuuming. Interlocking of edges and corners are easy. Edges and corners are specially modified , such as locking strength grows larger when vacuum pressure becomes higher.

We know that your production has specific needs. The materials we provide you must be strong, long-lasting, and fit for your task. That's one reason why we focus on technical applications – it allows us to give you the maximum performance you need in a vacuum silicone bag.

Technical Parameters of Silicone Vacuum Bag:

Model No.

Tensile Strength

Tear Strength

(Shore A)


Common Color

Common Surface
















* HT - high tear strength (high quality silicone vacuum bags)

  ST - standard tear strength (common quality silicone vacuum bags)

For glass lamination field, you have found the right co-worker. With the precision of Chinese design, Deer Hunter offers you the best silicone vacuum bag that will help you get the right products.

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