ESD Mat For Workbench

Anti static mat is also known as ESD mat (Electrically Static Dissipative sheets) and is created with durable materials for the safety of employees while working with and around electronic components and assemblies. ESD mats are designed to drain static charges from items placed on their surface while protecting the surface of ESD sensitive devices from wear and tear. ESD rubber mat also protects the surface of sensitive devices from abrasion during processing.

The word “anti-static mat” is typically used to refer to mat. It is comprised of two layers: a top static dissipative rubber layer and a bottom black carbon-loaded conductive scrim layer.

ESD Mat For Workbench


Material: NBR (Nitrile butadiene rubber)/neoprene

Surface Treatment: Glossy or Dull

Structure: Two layer composite

Color: Green/ Black/Blue /Brown /Gray /Apple Green /Yellow or make-to-order

Size: Thickness (2.0-5.0) mm*Width (0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2m)*Length (10m/20m)

ESD Mats | Anti-static Bench Mats | Antistat ESD Protection

The double-layer structure rubber pad is made of light colour on the top surface layer, the conductive material is an antistatic agent, the black layer on the bottom layer, and the conductive material is made of carbon black. It is flat, non-curling, unaffected by moisture, effectively prevent erosion, chemicals and high temperatures, and is easy to clean and maintain.

Anti Static Mat

The green surface is used to store and absorb static electricity around the desktop, and its resistance is 1*106 ~ 1*109Ω/sqm. Black bottom surface is conductive layer 1*103 ~ 1*105Ω/sqm, because it is conductive, it will quickly discharge the absorbed static electricity.


ESD Bench Mats For Electronics

Protect your electronic devices. Transfers static charges from work surface to ground.


Technical Reference:

Surface Resistivity:

1*106 ~ 1*109Ω

Bottom Resistivity:

1*103 ~ 1*105Ω

Volume Resistivity:

1*106 ~ 1*109Ω

Breaking Elongation:


Static Dissipative Time:



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Choosing Anti Static ESD Mats: What You Need to Know

One of the most essential pieces of any cleanroom or manufacturing environment is the antistatic mat.

As with most fundamental ESD products, the matting comes in a variety of different forms and fashions and is composed of different material composites.

What kind of Anti Static Desktop Mat is best for your organization will ultimately depend on your company's specific needs.

This guide weighs the pros and cons of the following:

* Vinyl mats

* Rubber mats

* Table top mats

* Floor mats

Many Colors Available For Antistatic ESD Mats

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