Solar Silicone Membranes

Solar Silicone Membranes Overview

Silicone Membranes For Solar PV Panel Laminators

Deer Hunter, as Asia's leading supplier for solar silicone membranes for solar modules manufacture in the renewable energy market.

Silicone membrane, also called silicone sheet or silicone diaphragm, is applied for the lamination process of solar photovoltaic panels. During laminating the solar PV panels, silicone rubber membrane transfers the laminator’s temperature and pressure to modules. The silicone membranes work at least 7,000 laminating cycles with good EVA-resistant ability.

Mutual properties of our silicone membranes:

*Widely used in thickness 4mm – but also 3mm available

*1 layer high temperature aramid fabric reinforcement – tough mechanical strength

*Maximum life cycle – 10,000 times

Silicone rubber membrane for the lamination of solar panels, Deer Hunter can choose from a variety of laminator brands and types. Depending on the solar module production line requirements, a solar panel laminator from 3S, Meier, Bürkle, Komax, Electro Solar or others is integrated.

Silicone Membranes For Solar Photovoltaic Panel Laminators

Deer Hunter has worked in partnership with the foremost solar laminator manufacturers to develop and research silicone membranes that meet the specific requirements of solar modules manufacturing.

We supply three different qualities of membranes. All types of membranes are used for different brands of solar module laminators.

Silicone Membranes FAQs:

What’s the best silicone membrane for solar modules lamination?

This is really a vital question and can be best discussed together face-to-face. There is no one answer that is right for everybody. There are many determining factors that can effect the choice of membrane for example: type of encapsulant, composition of the modules, size of the modules, brand of laminator, and budget constraints, etc.

How long should silicone rubber membrane last?

Commonly our data shows that The 2nd Gen - 3,000cycles + The 5th Gen - 7,000 to 10,000 cycles. As there are a number of variables beyond our direct control, it is very difficult to “guarantee” an exact cycle life.

Does color or surface finish have any impact on membrane performance?

Based on feedback from customers worldwide, we can see no advantage or disadvantage of different colors, or indeed surface finish. Actually colors are now used to differentiate between suppliers.

Our silicone membranes will be cut to your specifications and delivered to you without any damage.

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