Vacuum Silicone Bag For EVA Glass Laminating Machine

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Vacuum Silicone Bag For EVA Laminating Furnace Oven Machine


Vacuum silicone bag is also called reusable silicone vacuum bag, which is mainly made of silicone rubber material, it is highly essential in glass lamination, help to pump out the air between glass and EVA film, will fix the two glass on the right position to avoid the error. Besides, after fixing the glass, it is useful for the glue adhesion when the EVA film start to melt. It is high heat-resistance and tear-resistance .

Vacuum Silicone Bag For EVA Glass Laminating Machine

Each set of vacuum silicone bag includes silicone sheet, buckle and nozzle, also the tube.


Durable & Flexible Silicon Blankets


This strong silicone pad meets the most severe industrial tests. It is made of special high

temperature resistant silicon. The material will not become brittle after numerous heating and

cooling cycles. It is resistant to high pressure forces when wrapping around glass during vacuum.


Patented Silicon Blankets Edge Seal


Top and bottom pad edges are specially designed, providing an airtight interlocking system. The

higher the vacuum in between the top and bottom pads, the firmer the edges are sealed.


Vacuum Bag Sketch

Silicone Vacuum Bag Sketch

* Please let us know your Max Glass Size, as we want your real working area.



* It is high anti~tearing, able to bear high temperature.

* It's high flexible, inertia sufferance to avoid mucosity,bear oil & aging,its soft material is best

suitable for hard glass ,ensuring glass not bent and break in high temperature .

* Connecting vacuum pump,pump out the air and keep air pressure well in lamination.

* A whole set includes the nozzle, tube,silicone sheet, Sealing strips .

* At least 5 years service time .


Silicone vacuum bag glass laminating with chequered sealing edge

We offer you as a special product a flat silicone for vacuum bags of high resilience and heat resistance at temperatures up to 250°C. The bag consists of 2 pieces with chequered sealing edge and perfectly fits flat components of glass. The glass pane is put at the bottom part of the bag. Subsequently the other part is attached on top. Due to this bisection it is possible to put large, heavy glass panes into the bag from the top using a vacuum cup, for example when manufacturing laminated safety glass. In the top half of the bag there is a conventional profile contact for vacuum pumps assuring an easy handling.

The 2-parts vacuum bag and our sheets are offered in different sizes. We manufacture our products according to your individual measurements and we like to consult you on-site. Even a stockage in our warehouse is possible.


Product description and advantages

• Area of application: Glass Laminting Machinerry
• Constant quality thanks to quality management 
• Excellent elasticity 
• Long-term flexibility 
• High temperature resistance to 250°C


Standard dimensions 
Width X Length:                  As requested
Material thickness:                2 mm 


Technical Parameters of Vacuum Silicone Bag:


Model No.

Tensile Strength

Tear Strength

(Shore A)


Common Color

Common Surface
















* HT - high tear strength (high quality silicone vacuum bags)

   ST - stanard tear strength (common quality silicone vacuum bags)

Silicone For Vacuum Bags

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