Solar Silicone Diaphragm For PV Modules Lamination

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Brand Deer Hunter
Serial Number The 2nd Gen
Country of Origin China
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Solar Silicone Diaphragm - Then 2nd Generation

*An irreplaceable element in solar PV modules encapsulation


Solar Silicone Diaphragm Material For PV Module Lamination

Silicone diaphragm is an essential component inside the lamination process of solar modules. China Deer Hunter is providing silicone rubber diaphragm with more advantages as below:


  • resistance to high temperatures
  • outstanding chemical resistance
  • long-term flexibility
  • excellent elasticity
  • constant quality thanks to their internal quality management
  • extra large available up to 3500 mm
  • different material thicknesses
  • durability results in a longer machine running times and thus shorter set-up times


In the process of solar photovoltaic panel's lamination, the panel manufacturers encapsulate all components with ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) adhesive film to ensure that module layers remain secure. That will cause high heat to melt the EVA (typically 145-155°C). That's why those makers need our flexible, resilient, and durable silicone diaphragm designed for use in the solar laminators to provide compression on the PV panes in repeated cycles.


Deer Hunter has worked in partnership with the foremost solar laminator manufacturers to develop solar diaphragms that meet the specific requirements of PV module manufacturing. Here it is our great honor to introduce "The 2nd Generation Silicone Diaphragm".


The 2nd Gen is our original & most popular solar silicone diaphragm for PV panels lamination – combining hi-elongation, good life cycle performance under controlled environments, and very competitive pricing. It's available with both sides smooth or single-sided fabric impression surface finish.




L1# Grey silicone

L2# 1 Ply premium aramid fabric reinforcement

L3# Grey silicone


Structure - The 2nd Silicone Diaphragm For Solar PV Panels Lamination

* The 2nd Gen Solar Silicone Diaphragm is our well-proven standard product.


Availability and technical Features:

- Seamless (no weak point)

- Standard thickness 4 mm available

- Long lifetime resulting in increased service

- High stability

- Compression and temperature resistance + 250 °C

- Low-priced

- Color gray

- 1 Ply premium grade aramid fabric reinforcement



Technical Data:







Smooth/Smooth or Smooth/Textured

Reinforcing Layer

1 Ply Premium Grade Aramid Fabric


70+/-2 Shore A


1.25 ± 0.05g/cm3

Tensile Strength


Tear Strength


Temperature resistance




Compression Set





And you can also download the technical data sheet as below:

Technical Data Sheet - The 2nd Generation Silicone Rubber Membrane

Technical Data Sheet - The 2nd Generation Silicone Diaphragm


Deer Hunter – Asia's leading manufacturer for special silicone diaphragms for solar PV panels encapsulation in the renewable energy market. We can choose from a variety of laminator brands and types. Depending on the solar module production line requirements, a solar panel laminator from 3S, Meier, Bürkle, Komax, Electro Solar, or others is integrated.


Standard Dimensions of Solar Diaphragm Material for PV Module Lamination


Length - Any

Width  - Max up to 3500mm

Material Thickness - 4mm or 3mm 

Widely-used sizes are from our customers' regular purchasing orders.


Country Sizes
USA 4mm * 2550 * 6550
4mm * 2850 * 5550
4mm * 3050 * 4850
Mexico 4mm * 2600 * 4100
4mm * 2730 * 5870
4mm * 3200 * 5200
Morocco 4mm * 2000 * 2400
India 4mm * 2550 * 5720
4mm * 2575 * 4675
Jordan 4mm * 2760 * 4960
Turkey 4mm * 2650 * 4730
4mm * 2750 * 4100
4mm * 2850 * 5050
3mm * 3110 * 4460
Vietnam 4mm * 2800 * 4100
Philippines 4mm * 2500 * 4100
South Korea 3mm * 2755 * 4925
Germany 4mm * 2410 * 4500
Poland 4mm * 2200 * 3700
4mm * 2700 * 4500




To confirm there will be no damage in transport. Deer Hunter logistic staff provide strong package service for our customers.

1: Quantity below 5rolls - usually put inside cardboard tubes

Cardboard tubes - Silicone Membranes For The Solar Industry

2: Quantity more than 5rolls - We prefer to put all rolls in wooden cases

Wooden case - Silicone Sheet For Solar Panels

3: Shipping marks will be stuck on the packing surface if necessary. 


1: What’s the best solar diaphragm for photovoltaic modules lamination?


A: This is really a vital question and can be best discussed together face-to-face. There is no one answer that is right for everybody. There are many determining factors that can affect the choice of silicone diaphragm for example type of encapsulant, the composition of the modules, size of the modules, the brand of laminator, and budget constraints, etc.


2: How long should the silicone diaphragm last?


A: Commonly our data shows that The 2nd Gen - 4,000cycles + The 5th Gen - up to 10,000 cycles. As there are a number of variables beyond our direct control, it is very difficult to “guarantee” an exact cycle life.


3: Does color or surface finish have any impact on membrane performance?


A: Based on feedback from customers worldwide, we can see no advantage or disadvantage of different colors, or indeed surface finish. Actually, colors are now used to differentiate between suppliers.


4: What can we do to extend the life of our sheet?

A: Consider protecting it with a layer of PTFE sheet between the modules and the membrane. We have several options for this.


5: Can you do tailor-made products?

A: We are very willing to research and develop a kind of solar silicone diaphragm for your special requests.


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