Silicone Foam Sheets

Silicone Foam Sheets For Vacuum Ironing Tables

Silicone Foam Sheet For Vacuum Ironing Tables

Open cell silicone foam sheet is a special polyurethane foam material with silicone mixture impregnated. Thanks to its silicone content, this material has about 3 times longer life cycles than latex foam. With superfine pores, it has very good vacuum properties and very good steam distribution. This foam features an especially smooth surface and is extremely resilient and widely used for vacuum ironing tables and steaming press machines in garment factories.

Open Cell Silicone Sponge Sheet For Vacuum Ironing Tables


Silicone foam press pads are optimal covers and pads for easily ironing on all pressing machines and ironing tables. Also excellent for ironing of problematic fabrics.

* The excellent open pores allow even steam distribution.

* Is constant in permanent use, remains elastic.

* Resistant to heat and steam – for constant finish quality

* Savings in costs due to a long life time.

Silicone Foam Pads For Ironing Machines And Ironing Presses

Our engineers guarantee that open pores of the base PU-foam remain apertured for an extraordinary permeability. It also prevents from the formation of air bubbles between the silicone coating and the foam base. Pressing a conventional silicone coated foam will destroy the homogeneous silicone surface due to bursting air bubbles which reduces the heat resistance and the lifetime of the foam. Our silicone foam sheets avoid these air bubbles, extend the replacement interval and provide a constant ironing quality.

Item Information:



Standard Thickness

10mm, 6mm, 5mm

Regular Size

1.5M X 10M

1.3M X 10M

1.0M X 10M

Quantity On Hand

IN STOCK for immediate delivery


Heat resistant

Long life span

Excellent resilient force

Even steam penetration


It is specifically designed as an overpad to be used on

vacuum ironing tables and pressing machines.


Unit weight depends on its density only.


* Custom-made colors, densities and dimensions are available from us.

Silicone Foam Pads For Ironing Machines And Ironing Presses

Moreover, we are using only the best available raw materials for our silicone foam sheet which can guarantee a long lifetime and which are not hazardous for the environment and the health of your workers and the consumers.

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