Anti Static Grid Curtain 0.3MM X 1.37M X 30M Conductive Honeycomb ESD PVC Protective Covering

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Anti Static Grid Curtain


Anti Static grid curtains (ESD PVC curtains) are preferred to keep sensitive work areas free of contaminants. They are made up of a variety of different materials and attachment methods depending on your specific requirements. A primary concern for the Semiconductor or Microelectronics industries is damage due to static build-up in or around their critical processes.

Anti Static Grid Curtain


Anti Static PVC curtains are a great way to separate critical workspaces while also attending to the static-sensitive nature of certain products.


Transparent Anti Static PVC Curtains are an ideal barrier wall for sensitive environments. Honeycomb grids are installed on both sides of the PVC curtain for the safe dissipation of static electricity. These Anti Static curtains are critical for applications where an electrical discharge could damage critical components or explosion risks such as electronics, pharmaceutical, medical, printing, painting.


The Anti Static grid curtain also has a great draping ability so that can be used as a protective covering for carts, instruments, or entire walls. The PVC material is very flexible and easy to cut for your specific application. Sold with 4.49 ft (1.37M) width in rolls.



Control: Anti Static curtains are an ideal barrier wall for sensitive environments such as cleanrooms and control manufacturing environments.

Anti-Static: The honeycomb conductive scrim grounds static charges in the area to maintain cleanliness, prevent ESD damage and promote product quality.

Solutions: The curtains are sold in rolls that can be easily converted for your application. Easily cut custom sizes with a razor knife and replace them as needed.

Transparent: Made with clear PVC with an embedded conductive honeycomb grid that can be used as soft walls to separate areas while maintaining views inside.


1.37M x 30M x 0.3mm (4.49’ x 98’ x 0.3mm)

1.37M x 30M x 0.5mm (4.49’ x 98’ x 0.5mm)

1.37M x 30M x 1.0mm (4.49’ x 98’ x 1.0mm)

1.37M x 15M x 2.0mm (4.49’ x 49’ x 0.3mm)

Anti Static Grid Curtains - Transparent Color

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FAQ for Anti Static grid curtain:

1) What else can we call Anti Static grid curtain?

ESD grid curtain, ESD PVC film, ESD PVC curtain, ESD black curtain, Anti-static curtain etc.

2) Can you have a customized size for Anti Static Curtains?

Yes, other customized thickness and width and length can be made.

3) What's your warranty for Anti Static PVC grid curtain after using?

At least one year.

4) What's the application for this Anti static grid curtain?

Anti Static ESD curtains are mainly used as curtains, curtains, partitions, etc. in Electronic factories and Cleanroom.

5) What are the package weight and dimension?

See below:

Dimension G.W. Carton Size
0.3mm * 1.37M * 30M 16kg/roll 14cm * 14cm * 142cm
0.5mm * 1.37M * 30M 26kg/roll 16cm * 16cm * 142cm
1.0mm * 1.37M * 30M 53kg/roll 22cm * 22cm * 142cm
2.0mm * 1.37M * 15M 53kg/roll 22cm * 22cm * 142cm


Anti Static grid curtain or Anti-static ESD curtains are made of antistatic PVC curtain, continuous honeycomb black carbon lines are printed on one side of the PVC sheet. soft, transparent, clean, antistatic, shielding heat and noise, free for operators and cart passing. It is suited for the electronics, food, pharmaceutical, refrigeration industry.

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