Color EVA Film For Indoor Outdoor Decorative Laminated Glass

Product Details
Brand Color EVA Film
Serial Number GS38
Country of Origin China
Certificate SGS/RoHS
Payment & Shipping Terms
Price Quote To be agreed
Minimum Order 1 sqm
Average Delivery Time 5-7days
Payment Method T/T, L/C, Paypal, Credit Card, West union, etc.
Package Details Plastic bags and Wooden cases
Ability to Supply 10000sqm per day

Color EVA Film For Indoor and Outdoor Decorative Laminated Glass


For decorative glass lamination, color EVA film is your ideal choice. These color EVA films for decoration laminated glass, adopting undertone colors, can be used to make a decorative glass of high taste and artistic sense by allowing the light transmittance but not image-through. We have more than 35 colors in our range. They are available for you to make living space flowery. The main application is for entertainment hotels, squares, sliding doors, bathrooms, etc.

Color EVA Film For Glass Lamination

Using our colorful EVA film you can perform easily both tasks: to achieve the stability of shade and color uniformity.

Colored EVA Film For Decoration Laminated Glass

Colorful Opaque EVA films series

Items Model No. Color Thickness
Length Per Roll
Colorful Opaque Series GS38C-1 blue opaque 0.38 2400 50
GS38C-5 black opaque 0.38 2400 50
GS38C-9 grey opaque 0.38 2400 50
GS38C-13 green opaque 0.38 2400 50
GS38C-14 yellow opaque 0.38 2400 50
GS38C-15 pink opaque 0.38 2400 50
GS38C-18 red opaque 0.38 2400 50
GS38K-6 ivory white opaque 0.38 2400 50
GS38K-7 orange opaque 0.38 2400 50


Colorful transparent EVA films series

Items Model No. Color Thickness
Length Per Roll
Colorful Transparent Series GS38CTX-1 red trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTX-2 yellow trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTX-5 light blue trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTX-6 pink trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTX-7 light purple trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTX-9 brown trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTX-10 blue trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTX-11 light tan trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTX-12 golden trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTX-13 orange trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTX-14 champagne trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTX-17 red champagne trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTX-20 green trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTX-22 black tea trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTX-23 dusty blue trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTX-24 purple trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTX-30 titanium grey trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTV-3 sapphire trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTV-4 turquoise trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTV-5 light grey trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTV-6 light yellow trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTV-7 bright pink trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTV-8 apricot trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTV-9 jacinth trans 0.38 2400 50
GS38CTW-2 champagne golden trans 0.38 240 50
GS38CTW-6 lighter purple trans 0.38 2400 50


*** To get a view of real samples, please check our latest Catalog - Colorful EVA Films ***

In a world, our color EVA film series provide you completely traditional colors, from transparent to opaque, including red, blue, grey, yellow, green, orange, black, etc. Using together with our special EVA films product jade white EVA film, it will bring more special colors. Moreover, we can also make special colors as customer's request.

Laminated with color EVA interlayer film, glass makes a great safety and design material. Extremely strong and highly adhesive, our color EVA film absorbs impact energy and keeps together shattered glass fragments. Unlike many plastics or resins, colored EVA film interlayer is unaffected by the ultraviolet (UV) component in sunlight, thus remaining stable in the long term, without losing its beautiful colors. Better, it blocks UV transmittance, keeping building occupants and objects safe from potentially damaging rays and significantly reduces the noise level in busy environments. Available in a range of clear, white, colored and soundproof products, color EVA film is used by glass laminators to produce attractive and durable laminated safety glass for decorative applications.

Colored EVA Glass Interlayer Film for Laminating Glass

Color EVA film for Decoration Laminated Glass processing instructions

Color EVA film for Decoration Laminated Glass - Processing Instructions


1: Seal the silicone vacuum bag. Before the silicone bag shelf being pushed into the oven, start the vacuum pump to vacuum for 10 minutes at room temperature. See “Step1”. The purpose is to check whether the silicone bag is leaking out or not. And the vacuum value should at least be set 0.095Mpa.

2: Push the silicone bag shelf into the oven, then set the parameters of temperature and time. Start increasing the temperature up to 65℃ at a rate of 2-3℃/min slowly. See “Step2”. Keep the temperature at 65℃ for 40minutes. See “Step3”.

(Notes: following the instructions that the EVA FILM MANUFACTURERS give to you, the parameters may be different for different manufacturers). Because it takes time for the heat transfer through the silicone bag, so the temperature the detector gets may be different from the real temperature of the laminated glass.

3: Go on increasing the temperature up to 105℃ at a rate of 2-3℃/min slowly. See “Step4”. Keep the temperature at 105℃ for 35minutes. See “Step5” curing phase.

4: Stop heating. Wait till the temperature is lower than 60℃, then open the oven door and pull out the silicone bag shelf to help to cool. But don’t open the silicone bag or let cold water touch the laminated glass.

5: After the temperature is lower than 45℃, now you can open the silicone bag and check the laminated glass.

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2: Free samples of color EVA film are available from us.

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