EVA Films For Laminated Glass Ordinary Clear Interlayers

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Ordinary Clear EVA Films For Laminated Glass - 0.25mm, 0.38mm, 0.5mm, 0.76mm Glass EVA Interlayers

Ordinary Clear EVA Films For Laminated Glass


As technology progresses, EVA films for laminated glass are gaining popularity among more and more security glass manufacturers. Glass EVA film is a revolutionary new type of interlayer for glass and plastic sheet lamination and encapsulation without an autoclave.


  1. EVA stands for Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.
  2. It is a thermoplastic copolymer resin.
  3. EVA resin, together with a number of ingredients, is heated, mixed thoroughly, and then extruded through a flat die of a specially designed plastic extruding machine.
  4. EVA film is then formed. This film is wrapped in rolls for storage and packing.
  5. This extraordinary adhesive film is non-sticky and inert to water moisture.
  6. Handling and glass assembly can be done at room temperature. No air conditioner or dehumidifier is required.

EVA Laminated Glass Interlayer

EVA interlayer films are created for high-security glazing and windows laminated glass interlayers. Through vacuum and heating lamination, it makes a great difference in art glass, safety glass, and enhance protection against large impact, storm wing of powerful blasts. 

Available Standard 4 Thicknesses:

0.25mm, 0.38mm, 0.50mm, 0.76mm

Wholesale EVA films for laminated glass

Items Model No. Color Thickness
Length Per Roll
Ordinary Clear Series GS25T Ordinary Clear 0.25 900~2450 150 Only used indoors
GS38T 0.38 900~2450 100
GS50T 0.50 900~2450 80
GS76T 0.76 900~2450 50

* Custom width and length are both available from us.



1) Excellent Resistance, such as weather resistance, high temperature, and high humidity resistance, more than 80% UV light resistance. 
2) Excellent adhesion to glass, metal, and plastics PET, PVC, fabric, paper, maintaining long term adhesion
3) Excellent light and transmittance and transparency. 
4) High cross-linking rate after 115-degree lamination. 
5) High tensile strength at 18.6 MPA, suitable for indoors. 
6) Long service life than 15 years. 


Processing instructions for EVA Films

Glass EVA Film - Processing Instructions

1: Seal the silicone vacuum bag. Before the silicone bag shelf being pushed into the oven, start the vacuum pump to vacuum for 10 minutes at room temperature. See “Step1”. The purpose is to check whether the silicone bag is leaking out or not. And the vacuum value should at least be set 0.095Mpa.

2: Push the silicone bag shelf into the oven, then set the parameters of temperature and time. Start increasing the temperature up to 65℃ at a rate of 2-3℃/min slowly. See “Step2”.  It is usually followed by keeping the temperature at 65℃ for 40minutes. See “Step3”.

(Notes: Following the instructions that the EVA films manufacturers give to you, the parameters may be different for different manufacturers. Because it takes time for the heat transfer through the silicone vacuum bag, so the temperature the detector gets may be different from the real temperature of the laminated glass.)

3: Go on increasing the temperature up to 115℃ at a rate of 2-3℃/min slowly. See “Step4”. Then keeping the temperature at 115℃ for 35minutes. See “Step5” curing phase.

4: Stop heating. Wait till the temperature is lower than 60℃, then open the oven door and pull out the silicone bag shelf to help to cool. But don't open the silicone bag or let cold water touch the laminated glass.

5: After the temperature is lower than 45℃, now you can open the silicone bag and check the laminated glass.

Glass EVA Film

Ordinary Clear EVA laminated glass interlayer is a kind of special film for decoration projects. It is mainly designed for use indoors and can be combined with spun silk, metal wire, paper, glass fiber, fabric, etc. in order to produce various high-grade extremely laminated architectural decorative glass.


Not Sure Where To Start? 

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2: Free samples of EVA films are available from us.

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