Anti Shock Screen Protector Clear PET Protective Film Roll

Product Details
Brand Deer Hunter
Serial Number DH-IF
Country of Origin China
Certificate SGS/RoHS
Payment & Shipping Terms
Price Quote To be agreed
Minimum Order 100M(1roll)
Average Delivery Time 5-7days
Payment Method T/T, L/C, Paypal, Credit Card, West union, etc.
Package Details Carton bags, Pallets
Ability to Supply 10000sqm per month

Anti Shock Screen Protector - 5 Layers Structure


As technology progresses, China Deer Hunter is now producing a kind of new anti-shock screen protector film rolls for worldwide customers. This type of clear PET protective film includes 5 layers, but the actual real anti-shatter clear screen protector film is with black and blue release films on both sides. We call it thickness 0.5mm (500μm, but its actual working layer is 0.3mm (300μm). According to the below simple drawing, you can know more about the thickness of each layer.

Anti Shock Screen Protector

Anti Shatter Screen Protector PET Protective Film Roll

Product Descriptions

Screen Type PET Film
Compatible Brand Model All Brand
Material Hammer Proof
Weight 78 KG
Screen Size Any Screen Size
Usage/Application Do It Yourself
Function Anti Shock
Hardness 7H
Length 100 Meter
Number Of Layers 5 LAYERS
Package Dimensions 115*35*36 CM
Packaging Type Box Packing
Protection Type Shock Proof,Shatter Proof
Screen Protection Scratch Resistant
Size 1.04M*100M
Thickness 0.52 MM
I Deal In New Only
Anti Scratch Yes
Removable Yes
Quality Fast Glue Material
Installation Instructions Do It Yourself
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Roll

* The above details are only for 5 Layers of  PET film screen protectors.

All information for 5 layers of PET film screen protectors

1: Technical Data Sheet

Item Feature Spec.
Appearance Naked Eye Clear
Actural use layer mm 0.3mm
Available processing for surface treatment Yes Anti Scratch
Structure with 5 Layers  
Transparent PE protecive film Release layer μm 30
Blue PET protective film Release layer 60
Transparent PET protective film Working layer 300
Black PET release film Release layer 80
Transparent PE protecive film Release layer 30
Coated Adhesive Silicone
Peel strength gf/25mm 6~9
Light Transmittance % 98
Hardness H 7
Total Thickness mm 0.5
Width mm 1040
Length M 100

2: Structure

Clear PET Protective Film

3: Packaging & Shipping:

* Inside - plastic tube core

* Outside - carton boxes and pallets

Clear Screen Protector


1: Structure with 5 layers or 3 layers, which is better?

* Same. Psychological factors may influence your choice. Based on our internal data, the proportion between 5 layers and the 3 layers is half and half.

2: Can you do the cutting service?

* Yes, we can. If you want our film rolls to be cut into different sheets, please advise the drawing and more information.

3: Can you provide samples firstly to test?

* Yes, we can send samples with A4 size. And also we pay the freight.

4: Do you know other names for “PET screen protector film”?

* In different regions, people are in the habit of calling it with different names. For example, Soft micro nano anti shock screen protector film, Anti-Shock Screen Protector, Anti Shock Screen Guard, Nano Glass Protector, Flexible shatter proof glass, Wholesale Best PET Film Screen Protectors, etc. But in India, customers prefer to call it “impossible glass” or “impossible film”. We don’t know the reason.

5: For urgent questions about Anti Shock Screen Protector, can you send more contact information?

* Please check below to contact us - 7days/24hours.

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